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CAIPU machinery focus on cap compression moulding machine and preform mould .Cap compression machine we have 16cav、24cav and 36cav(both economic and high speed machine)we also supply cap mould、slitting machine,folding machine and linling machine and pad printing machine air chiller and crusher.Preform mould we have 20 years experience for hot runner and cold runner preform mould.CAIPU machinery products suit to mineral water,medcine bottlle,juice and cosmestic,oil bottle and pesticide bottle.CAIPU machinery with 20sets key technologies,get 20 sets patent award.CAIPU machinery has CNC hardening machine,finishing machine(EDM) and dimension Inspection.
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Through more than 20 years' rich experience of manufacturing cap machine and continuous explorations and studies, Kaipu has become a professional supplier of cap machine and cap &preform mold, which has applied in many fields like water, drinks, beverages, medical,etc. With the advantages of easy operation, beautiful design, high efficiency and competitive price,
01 High-end patent skills
02 Beautiful design
03 Easy operation
04 Advanced technology
05 Competitive price
06 High efficiency


14 18/08

R&D And Laboratory

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Use Of Waste Caps

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Application Of Cap

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Definition Of Caps

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Summary Of Plastic Anti-theft Caps

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